Tuesday, 18 March 2014


I've had a busy few weeks. Today I've taken the day off to read and cook green vegetables and feel grounded again. I have also been.....
reading Marigad Evans. This one 'The Wooden Doctor' was great! almost Plath-esque!
trying to make more of a lunch-effort.
This was rocket and sprouts with tofu and some veg and quinoa underneath.
watching burlesque.
because it takes a legend to make a star.
watching Sadie roll around in sunbeams
making sweet potato gnocchi with bert.
this is the before picture..

and here's the after.
we had it with sage, shallots and garlic and lots of vegan butter.
taking silly photos with bert....
going out for cocktails two nights running...
this one is a coffee, tequila, coconut, agave one.
it was ridiculously good.

and reading in bed.
love a bit of Francesca Lia Block.
how are you guys?

oh. and the soundtrack to all of this has been mainly Cat Stevens and Mountain Goats.


  1. Oooh - those gnocchi look good! I'd like them with some melted blue cheese ( I know you wouldn't). Bert needs to manage his image now that he's a published author and all that...!

  2. Oh yum, and what a lovely way to spend your grounding time :)

  3. You're so freaking cute! I wanna squeeze your cheeks! :p

    Yay to going out for drinks! ;)

    Bert's gnocchi look awesome!

    Did you like Burlesque? I always check it out from the library and then never get round to watching it :/.

    Rubs on the tummy for Sadie!


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