Monday, 31 March 2014


last saturday I ran a session in work making Mother's Day Cards.
the above picture is the colouring sheet I made. That thing above the pigeon is meant to be a flower but it's been pointed out to me that it looks like a tyre. But mum's like tyres too right?
and dinosaurs....

I made a couple of examples....
I thought felt badges would be cute, and loved the idea of sewing a portrait of your mama!

it was a busy day, so didn't get to take photos of the children's work.
aside from this felt heart that a boy of about ten or eleven made. he also told me he liked Black Sabbath.

while I was busy making cards, the lovely bert tidied the flat.
He dusted and rearranged all our cute trinkets and books.

my sonny angels were all holding hands

and the tofu guys were all hanging out together.


  1. I love reading these snippets of your life!

  2. As long as it's not a flat tire, I'm sure moms will like that too;)

    And I love Sonny Angels as well! Just bought two new ones this week. Funny story actually… I happened upon this shop and they had a bunch of SAs in a display case. I saw the acorn one and wanted to buy that, so the lady said because it opened up a spot in the display I could open a blind box to see if it contained another one I was looking for and if so I could get that right away, if not I would put it in the spot and just not buy it. So I checked the collection, weighed the boxes by hand, picked one, opened it and…tah-dah, the fawn I was hoping for!
    She said that that had never happened before, so we were both really excited and laughing:) Quite lucky, right?!

    1. wah! that's so cute!! just checked out the acorn and fawn ones and they are adorable!!


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