Monday, 21 April 2014

sonny angel joy

sonny angels!!!
You choose a series (such as vegetables, animals, or in this case 'flowers') but you don't know which one it will be! there are 12 different angels in each series (and one secret one) so it's pretty exciting stuff!
there's a cherry blossom on the box of the flower series Bert bought me... and as it happened, there was a cherry blossom sonny angel in the box.

d'aw. look at it's little face!

here he is by the salt lamp

and in a plant
and here he is with all his friends....

Sunday, 20 April 2014

my week....

I mentioned this book (among others by jo walton) in my last post.
It's a novel set in south wales and a coming of age story about a girl who loves reading and sees fairies.
It was so convincing about the joys of sci-fi and fantasy that I'm attempting some Ursula Le Guin.*

I like polenta, but I mainly like the packaging....

and more pretty packaging! Pipes is a local brewery, the beer is vegan and utterly delicious. I read on their instagram that they are making pumpkin beer. I must have some.

Bert bought us some vegan easter eggs by another local maker (we are 
so lucky!) called CocoCaravan
they are caramelly and buttery and all kinds of good.
it was reading group on saturday. we discussed 'on the black hill' by bruce chatwin.
Next up is 'Life after Life' by Kate Atkinson if anyone would like to join in.
I have a new job. I am still working where I was working but I now spend two and a half days a week in another museum with the art collections.
I have been shadowing their education workshops (and taking part) and made this little landscape in response to a Constable painting.
the education staff had also made this really lovely cloud where the children could write their thoughts about the workshop on a raindrop! argh! adorable.

hope you are having a fun weekend.
love sian.x

* I gave up on le guin after 80 pages.... feel a bit bad.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

le weekend

It's Sunday!
we have just cooked the biggest breakfast - tofu scramble and home fries (made with sweet potato and white potato, onions, garlic and sundried tomatoes) along with toast and lashings of black coffee.
Me and bert have had the whole weekend off... we've been to the libary, had lunch out in Chapter and watched episode after episode of ghost hunters...

I signed up for the vegan kind which is a 'monthly lifestyle subscription box for vegans' - it had some great things in it, lip balm, chocolate milk, and some coconut sugar too. I've been wanting to try coconut sugar as it's meant to be better for you than regular sugar (and agave too). It's lovely, not as sweet as sugar and a bit more caramel tasting, but not coconutty at all.

here's sadie watching tv. She only has her eyes shut because of the flash.

I have to put together a new list for reading group and my friend Nicola suggested 'Among Others' by Jo Walton which is partly set in Wales in the late 70s and early 80s. I am loving it so far. It also has fairies in it.
hope you are all having a lovely sunday.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

at the movies

Remember how much you enjoyed reading  my last post about movies i'd seen?
Kylie liked them. so here are some more!!
I loved Only Lovers Left Alive so much.
first of all - just look at Tilda in the that outfit lying on that gorgeous bedding! and that dressing gown?
and the red font?
It's a movie by Jim Jarmusch (who also does the music - genius) about two vampires. (sorry - yes, vampires again). But they are interesting vampires... vampires that have spent their time reading, making music, travelling and being creative.
they don't kill people, they buy their blood from dodgy doctors and drink it out of gorgeous little glass goblets or silver flasks.... 
It's a slow, languid film and I loved it so - it's super stylish and lovely to look at - and set in Tangiers and Detroit....
i'm giving it ten out of ten
bert? what ya giving it?
and your thoughts?
'it's no Vampire Diaries, but it is very good indeed'
and Rhys? (rhys came too. or rather, rhys ORGANISED the whole outing)
rhys is giving it a 9 and says...
‘So beautiful, I want to spend a significant proportion of the rest of my life as a Tilda Swinton tribute act. With lollipops, night flights and embroidered robes’
Stranger by the Lake is a french film that came out last year. It is a gay erotic thriller - which kinda means that there's a murder and no one is wearing clothes.
we sat front row.
It's languid (oop I said that the other film was languid too) and dreamy and all of it filmed in and around a lake.
I can't say too much for fear of spoiling the plot.
but it's a really interesting one... 
out of ten I am giving it seven. 
I thought it was really good and pretty gripping. 
the guys spent most of the film naked, which was a good thing as all the outfits they wore were awful.
Rhys is giving it 8 out of ten and says...
'Almost unbearably tense and genuinely thought-provoking, I still feel as though I’m lost in the woods on this one (and in need of a hug from adorable Henri).'
Ruth is giving it the thumbs up too.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
I was so excited to see this as am a huge Wes Anderson fan. 
I was even getting a bit worried that I'd over-hyped it for myself....
but it was ok - it was wonderful.
 I love it all.
I was going to give it ten out of ten but bert questioned whether i liked it as much as Moonrise Kindom... and as I didn't quite like it as much as that I'm giving it 9.5....
bert is giving it 8.5 and says that it...
'sets a new pinnacle for moustache cinema'
It is so beautiful and detailed and has a lovely colour scheme and lots of snow.
Ralph Fiennes was wonderful.. I may have been heard to complain about Ralph... but I'm taking it all back.
It also stars pretty much all of my favourite actors... jason schwartzman, adrien brody, willem de foe, waris Ahluwalia, tilda swinton, owen wilson, lea seydoux, bill murray... and oodles more.
everyone has to see it. super pretty, delightful and funny.

If you go over to this post on Miki's blog you can see the model for the hotel!


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