Sunday, 13 April 2014

le weekend

It's Sunday!
we have just cooked the biggest breakfast - tofu scramble and home fries (made with sweet potato and white potato, onions, garlic and sundried tomatoes) along with toast and lashings of black coffee.
Me and bert have had the whole weekend off... we've been to the libary, had lunch out in Chapter and watched episode after episode of ghost hunters...

I signed up for the vegan kind which is a 'monthly lifestyle subscription box for vegans' - it had some great things in it, lip balm, chocolate milk, and some coconut sugar too. I've been wanting to try coconut sugar as it's meant to be better for you than regular sugar (and agave too). It's lovely, not as sweet as sugar and a bit more caramel tasting, but not coconutty at all.

here's sadie watching tv. She only has her eyes shut because of the flash.

I have to put together a new list for reading group and my friend Nicola suggested 'Among Others' by Jo Walton which is partly set in Wales in the late 70s and early 80s. I am loving it so far. It also has fairies in it.
hope you are all having a lovely sunday.


  1. I LOVE coconut sugar, our local cafe uses it and while I don't take sugar in my coffee, I do sneak the occasional nibble! I have it at home too, a turmeric scented one which is so fantastic in its complexity - it is delicious for caramelising fruit like peaches and apricots for a truly divine desseret. Iuse butter but I reckon e.v.o.o would be divine too!

    1. hi mrs c! i'm liking it too! turmeric scented you say? sounds so good!

  2. I LOVE the sound of that book [and that breakfast and I'm not even a vegan!] xxx

    1. hi jenny!!!
      i really loved the book! x


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