Sunday, 20 April 2014

my week....

I mentioned this book (among others by jo walton) in my last post.
It's a novel set in south wales and a coming of age story about a girl who loves reading and sees fairies.
It was so convincing about the joys of sci-fi and fantasy that I'm attempting some Ursula Le Guin.*

I like polenta, but I mainly like the packaging....

and more pretty packaging! Pipes is a local brewery, the beer is vegan and utterly delicious. I read on their instagram that they are making pumpkin beer. I must have some.

Bert bought us some vegan easter eggs by another local maker (we are 
so lucky!) called CocoCaravan
they are caramelly and buttery and all kinds of good.
it was reading group on saturday. we discussed 'on the black hill' by bruce chatwin.
Next up is 'Life after Life' by Kate Atkinson if anyone would like to join in.
I have a new job. I am still working where I was working but I now spend two and a half days a week in another museum with the art collections.
I have been shadowing their education workshops (and taking part) and made this little landscape in response to a Constable painting.
the education staff had also made this really lovely cloud where the children could write their thoughts about the workshop on a raindrop! argh! adorable.

hope you are having a fun weekend.
love sian.x

* I gave up on le guin after 80 pages.... feel a bit bad.


  1. Sounds like you've had a lovely week
    I love the sound of that fairy book

  2. Love your 3D Constable! And I feel the urge to read something new too :)


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