Monday, 21 April 2014

sonny angel joy

sonny angels!!!
You choose a series (such as vegetables, animals, or in this case 'flowers') but you don't know which one it will be! there are 12 different angels in each series (and one secret one) so it's pretty exciting stuff!
there's a cherry blossom on the box of the flower series Bert bought me... and as it happened, there was a cherry blossom sonny angel in the box.

d'aw. look at it's little face!

here he is by the salt lamp

and in a plant
and here he is with all his friends....


  1. That one's adorable! I also really love the shimmery one you have with the antlers. That's probably some sort of special edition, isn't it?

  2. hello! yes, the shimmery one is a christmas one... it's wearing a little pink top which is a bit controversial....


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