Saturday, 17 May 2014

I have three days off! Three whole days! I've had a busy week - a two day training course and also a seminar on feminist art (more on that again). Both of these things have involved trains, long walks and searches for good coffee.

I've actually got a few things on over the weekend, including a reading by Bert!!
It's hot here, sadie's grumpy and the charger for our laptop is broken... So I'm typing this on my work iPad.

But on a positive note bert cut me a super-cute fringe, a new ghost hunters DVD has just arrived in the post and I have loads of books to read and sewing to do.

Do you guys have any plans?


  1. where's the picture of the fringe - we want to see the fringe! Me and Mr Couch made a fabulous dead hedge with the bankers.

  2. HUGE day -day two of my beginner patchwork class, where I completely underestimated how much time they would need to make their tops, so instead of finishing at 1.30 we finished at 5.30. Thank goodness I didn't have another class on. Then dinner with my family, the extended version with out of towners which was just lovely Tomorrow crazy day of getting the class's backings sorted, and batting, getting them over to the quilter, then a pile of alterations for a friend going overseas, then the party at her place to say goodbye. I am tired already ;-)
    I hope you found good coffee! It is very important! ;-)

  3. dead hedges and a patchwork class!! diverse and equally awesome!


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