Tuesday, 13 May 2014

our week/fortnight? in pictures...

First off a couple of lovely quilts in progress at our quilt club.
The top one is by Melissa and she's making it all out of recycled fabrics in different shades of cream with little punches of purple or pink. I love this one so much as I would never choose such fabrics and yet I adore how it looks.
The second picture is Sandra's hexagon quilt - those small hexagons are so gorgeous don't you think?

me and bert have had a couple of days off.
we had coffee out.

a pop-up picture from our bank holiday art workshops.

the adorable little sadie, who this morning has been sitting in sunbeams.

my vegan kind box. I love having a little box of vegan treats! I've eaten the sweet potato crisps and the chocolate fudge and am looking forward to the hot-pots - oats with coconut milk and spices which you can just put boiling water over and eat from a mug! perfect for taking breakfast to work!

a new sonny angel! hello baby zebra!

another pop up! gorgeous! look at those flowers!
the yummy choc fudge....
I like the sun in this one. And the tiger on the left.
a little pack lunch. Lettuce sandwiches and a book.
A new cookbook. i've been flicking through this but haven't made anything yet. It's a beautiful book tho and the recipes look just my thing.
Another new book!
this one is a collection from artists all in support of Pussy Riot.
On friday I'm going to an event about art and feminism and the curator of this book, Emely Neu is going to be talking there.
Have you got any news?

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  1. So many fun and delicious things! And a new Sonny Angel is always a good thing:) This one is adorable!


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