Saturday, 28 June 2014

breakfast,dinner, readng, cat

 breakfast - this is what i had this morning in preparation for hot yoga. Porridge made with almond milk, frozen berries and some coconut sugar. The pic on the left is an almond milk latte. I couldn't drink that for breakfast, because as any fule kno, breakfast coffee has to be black.

A couple of dinners, different nights, same bowl.
the dish on the left has become a new favourite - either miso rice or coconut rice with peas and onions, topped with marinated tofu and lots of herbs. And on the right is a regular summer dinner - salad, witches' supper (chick peas, garlic and mint) and potatoes with herbs.
and here's what i'm reading this weekend.

and to finish off, another shot of sadie. She is super sweet in the summer - all hot and bothered.
have a good weekend all!

Thursday, 26 June 2014


When I was going through my photos for some future epic blog post which fills you in on the last month of my life.... I found these two pictures.
I love them both even though they are mistakes.
Things seem really busy at the moment.
I have lots of things going on in work and lots of weekend work too.
This week I went to a charity gig to raise funds for a friend with cancer, the gig was sold out and felt like a huge positive thing, how people getting together can makes such a difference in someones life.
Also it's been really hot. that feels like a thing that's made me sleepy, it's been hot and i've had hayfever which has made my asthma worse.... 
We've been drinking iced pink wine and eating pitta breads with salad, chick peas and tahini dressing.
We've been watching Beverly Hills 90210 and marvelling at the handsomeness of Jason Priestly.
Anyway, it's raining now and Bert is working late.
I am looking forward to the weekend, to hot yoga, cinema trips, lunch out and lie ins.
hope all is well in all your worlds.

Monday, 16 June 2014

just some stuff i'm after.... (summer wishlist)

some books! i'm looking forward to reading both of these...
friendship by Emily gould... and wolf in white van by john darnielle (singer of the mountain goats).
I like this Janis T from Roots and Feathers
some music I might need......

a movie to cry over.
and maybe a festival to go to.
what are you looking forward to this summer?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

birthday haul

just a few pictures of some of my birthday haul....
I had some other great stuff too (and a trip to bath and a fancy restaurant from moms and pops) which I havent' taken photos of.
anyways. bert got me the new lucy lippard book. Have you read any lippard? she's great. she writes about art and feminism but ties it all up with her life... in some ways similar to Rebecca Solnit's style of writing.
that book 'Wet' looks good right? 'on painting, feminism and art culture'. can't wait to read it!

a bit different than the other two books... chi's sweet home volume 7! oh my gosh, can chi get any cuter?

I loved watching this back in the day. and now i can watch it all over again.
I loved Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) but now i'm wondering why as Jason Priestly was so obviously the looker. We've watched quite a lot of this already and have so far covered such issues as AIDS, Alcoholism (twice), teen pregnancy, and lying about your age to go out with hot lawyers. Me and bert are doing some proper learning over here.

the delightful claire made me this cushion! and then went and got me a david bowie book to match it!
i love her!

bert got me 'the julie ruin' on the left and shelley 'the mountain goats' 
will be popping them on my car stereo and cruising about cardiff with them turned up to 11.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

a girl called jack

If you live in the UK you've probably heard of jack monroe or seen her on tv. She wrote a cookbook filled with budget recipes that she cooks to feed herself and her son on £10 a week.
In case you don't know her, here's her blog.
I got her cookbook out of the library and wasn't really expecting that much and also that it would be quite meaty. In actual fact, a great deal of recipes in this book are vegan and all of the recipes are simple, healthy and delicious sounding. 

I was pretty excited about the carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers and made some today.
They are so good. I think they might be my most favourite burger recipe ever.

I also made these today too (it was a burger heavy day)

this is them (chickpea, carrot and coriander falafels)

we had them in a bagel with some green salad and leftover vegetable rice.

andt that's the kidney bean burger on the right. I also made a pea dip and some flatbreads.
I'm going to be trying more recipes from the book. 
Even though both me and bert work full time we don't have much money going spare and food shopping is our main expense (other than, yknow, bills and kibble). 
I'll let you know about more of the recipes when I try them. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

hay festival

we went to Hay Festival for the day.
Last year was the first year i'd ever been... but i went for work and didn't see any talks....
but this year, me and bert went together and went to two talks - one by siri hustvedt and one by lorrie moore and joshua ferris. they were both great, but I particularly liked Siri Hustvedt who was just fiercely smart and wonderful.

bert is reading....

I bought these two books... and afterwards i bought a lorrie moore one.
can't wait to read them all.

It has been really rainy this past week so it was a little muddy at hay - luckily I have adorable wellies....

wasn't sure what kind of food they would have in hay... but it was delicious!
this is a bean burger and salad.

and this was a really delicious thai veg curry.

so that's hay!
did you go? what did you think?
I found it a little crowded at times, especially when you got stuck in a 'headliner' queue...
but we did have a lovely day together!


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