Saturday, 7 June 2014

a girl called jack

If you live in the UK you've probably heard of jack monroe or seen her on tv. She wrote a cookbook filled with budget recipes that she cooks to feed herself and her son on £10 a week.
In case you don't know her, here's her blog.
I got her cookbook out of the library and wasn't really expecting that much and also that it would be quite meaty. In actual fact, a great deal of recipes in this book are vegan and all of the recipes are simple, healthy and delicious sounding. 

I was pretty excited about the carrot, cumin and kidney bean burgers and made some today.
They are so good. I think they might be my most favourite burger recipe ever.

I also made these today too (it was a burger heavy day)

this is them (chickpea, carrot and coriander falafels)

we had them in a bagel with some green salad and leftover vegetable rice.

andt that's the kidney bean burger on the right. I also made a pea dip and some flatbreads.
I'm going to be trying more recipes from the book. 
Even though both me and bert work full time we don't have much money going spare and food shopping is our main expense (other than, yknow, bills and kibble). 
I'll let you know about more of the recipes when I try them. 


  1. I was wondering if there were many vegan recipes in this book, now I know that there are lots I will find it in my library too!

  2. OOooo.... love the sound of this book... especially the vegan content.. I am not vegan but can't eat any dairy! So love new recipes that don't involve dairy! Thank you :)

  3. I've made the peaches and chickpeas curry, nice. I too was surprised to note how many recipes were vegan friendly

  4. I've noted Jack's vegan recipes that have appeared online, but haven't made any. These look so yummy, I'll have to find the book at the library.


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