Sunday, 15 June 2014

birthday haul

just a few pictures of some of my birthday haul....
I had some other great stuff too (and a trip to bath and a fancy restaurant from moms and pops) which I havent' taken photos of.
anyways. bert got me the new lucy lippard book. Have you read any lippard? she's great. she writes about art and feminism but ties it all up with her life... in some ways similar to Rebecca Solnit's style of writing.
that book 'Wet' looks good right? 'on painting, feminism and art culture'. can't wait to read it!

a bit different than the other two books... chi's sweet home volume 7! oh my gosh, can chi get any cuter?

I loved watching this back in the day. and now i can watch it all over again.
I loved Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) but now i'm wondering why as Jason Priestly was so obviously the looker. We've watched quite a lot of this already and have so far covered such issues as AIDS, Alcoholism (twice), teen pregnancy, and lying about your age to go out with hot lawyers. Me and bert are doing some proper learning over here.

the delightful claire made me this cushion! and then went and got me a david bowie book to match it!
i love her!

bert got me 'the julie ruin' on the left and shelley 'the mountain goats' 
will be popping them on my car stereo and cruising about cardiff with them turned up to 11.

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