Sunday, 1 June 2014

hay festival

we went to Hay Festival for the day.
Last year was the first year i'd ever been... but i went for work and didn't see any talks....
but this year, me and bert went together and went to two talks - one by siri hustvedt and one by lorrie moore and joshua ferris. they were both great, but I particularly liked Siri Hustvedt who was just fiercely smart and wonderful.

bert is reading....

I bought these two books... and afterwards i bought a lorrie moore one.
can't wait to read them all.

It has been really rainy this past week so it was a little muddy at hay - luckily I have adorable wellies....

wasn't sure what kind of food they would have in hay... but it was delicious!
this is a bean burger and salad.

and this was a really delicious thai veg curry.

so that's hay!
did you go? what did you think?
I found it a little crowded at times, especially when you got stuck in a 'headliner' queue...
but we did have a lovely day together!

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