Thursday, 26 June 2014


When I was going through my photos for some future epic blog post which fills you in on the last month of my life.... I found these two pictures.
I love them both even though they are mistakes.
Things seem really busy at the moment.
I have lots of things going on in work and lots of weekend work too.
This week I went to a charity gig to raise funds for a friend with cancer, the gig was sold out and felt like a huge positive thing, how people getting together can makes such a difference in someones life.
Also it's been really hot. that feels like a thing that's made me sleepy, it's been hot and i've had hayfever which has made my asthma worse.... 
We've been drinking iced pink wine and eating pitta breads with salad, chick peas and tahini dressing.
We've been watching Beverly Hills 90210 and marvelling at the handsomeness of Jason Priestly.
Anyway, it's raining now and Bert is working late.
I am looking forward to the weekend, to hot yoga, cinema trips, lunch out and lie ins.
hope all is well in all your worlds.

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