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at the movies...

Here's my latest movie 'reviews' guys!
If you want to read my previous ones,  go here and here. It's totally worth it.
So, we haven't been to the movies crazy amounts recently, but have just started getting back into it. Here's three films I've seen over the last few weeks.

Advanced Style
 Advanced Style is a movie based on the blog in which photographer Ari Seth Cohen roams the streets of New York taking photos of older women looking awesome.  It's a lovely film about interesting women wearing amazing clothes. I love a documentary. When we (me and Rhys) were at the cinema there were older people watching it with us too and they kept talking really loudly, saying stuff like "she's got beautiful skin" .... I thought that was cute. I'm giving it 8/10

Rhys is giving it 9/10 and says :

"I found this film so inspiring (although it's guaranteed to make you feel terribly underdressed) - it's proof positive that wisdom, spirit and, indeed, style only increase with age, and that everyone should have the right to express themselves. Oh, and it's total pro-yoga propaganda."

The Fault in our Stars
Having read the book as soon as it came out, and having had some kind of nervous breakdown while doing so, I knew I had to go and see the film. I would have liked Bert to come with me to hold my  hand but he refused to see a 'cancer film', and as I knew I was going to cry, I didn't want to go with anyone else... So off I went and watched it alone on saturday afternoon in a packed cinema surrounded by 13 year old girls. We all cried.
I loved the book so much I found it difficult to seperate it from the movie.... I just dove into the movie and let the potentially annoying bits (was augustus too smug? why wasn't it as funny as the book? why were augustus's clothes so bad?) slip away. It took me a couple of days to get over the film, it was lovely and a faithful representation of the novel. i'm giving it a 9/10 - a point is lost for augustus's brown leather jacket.

Chinese Puzzle
 Chinese Puzzle is a french film and is apparently, the third 'chapter' of a series of films... the first two of which I haven't seen. It has got Romain Duris in it. He is lovely. it's got Audrey Tautou in it and she is lovely too. Hurray! I liked that they were all in their late 30s/early 40s and weren't made to look all young and wrinkle free like in American Movies. The french are just ridicuoulsly classy in all things. It's a kind of tangled relationship film which mainly takes place in New York and I really enjoyed it. I'm giving it an 8/10 and bert is giving it 7/10 and says:
"French films are good films. Audrey Tautou films are even gooder."
Me and bert went to see this together on date night and we had a delightful evening and a beet burger.

have you seen any of these films?
what should we go and see next?


  1. I would give advanced style 7/10, I love the concept and ethos of the film but I was a bit disappointed they needed to pick 'wacky' women. Why can't the older woman just be chic for the sake of it without being cast as a bit bonkers too (don't get me wrong I aspire to bonkers but this jarred a little for me).

    I also loved Chinese Puzzle, I watched the first in the trilogy about an Erasmus year while I was away in Lyon for my French year abroad so I secretly think these people are my friends. Clearly me and Audrey would get on, n'est ce pas?

    I haven't seen a fault in their stars as I'm waiting to read the book which is next on my pile - I didn't read you post because I didn't want to spoil it, although a child I work unceremoniously revealed 'he dies' when I said I wanted to read the book - brilliant!

    Next on my list is Monsters in Paris and a film with umberellas in it set in Paris - both recommended last night - I like recommendations...

    1. hi!! yeah, they were all a bit 'wacky' aside from the woman with the beautiful skin and long plait... that was untilshe went on ricky lake tho....
      yes. those guys from chinese puzzle would be our friends, i am pretty sure we are their kind of people.
      i hope you love the fault in our stars the book version. i think it's wonderful.


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