Friday, 25 July 2014

life in instagram

gosh it's hot here. 
my new favourite thing is yoga in the park.
actually I've been doing a lot of yoga recently.... my arms are feeling stronger but my knees aren't really up for the job. my lower back isn't sure either.

Donna Farhi is pretty profound. I love reading her books.. got one about breathing on the way.

bert wrote a really cute review for the new craftivism book which i'm in. 

i've been reading. This is a recent library haul

and we've been continuing with beverly hills 90210 and branching out to melrose place!
I'd never seen Melrose Place before....we are enjoying it.
it's ridiculous.
these beers are cooling in the fridge with their gosh-darn-adorable labels

it is too hot to cook. there's been a lot of bread and olives going on over here.
but we have managed to cook the odd dish....
such as scrambled tofu.

cinnamon buns...
and red quinoa with tomato sauce.
I made this for bert and his delicate digestion. poor bert has trouble with all kinds of foods.
this he was a fan of though.
it's nice to work in an outdoor museum in the summer when you can have lunch outside and sunbathe at the same time.
work tomorrow and then a day off.
what you guys up to?

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