Sunday, 3 August 2014

finding vivian maier... and francesca woodman

I went to see 'Finding Vivian Maier' at the cinema in the afternoon last week. I was quite affected by it - it's fascinating, and also a little bit sad, and interesting ethically as well. If you don't know anything about it, here's a quick synopsis about the film....

The guy who made the film bought a box of slides at auction which containted photographs from chicago in the 1950s...although he leaves them in the box for a few years, eventually he wants to know more about the photographer (her name was on the box, but that was the only info he had) and bought more boxes of her slides and then while looking into her life more ended up getting a pile of stuff from a storage container which otherwise would have been thrown away (Maier died in 2009). He found thousands of negatives and rolls of unprocessed film - and the rest of the film is him developing the images and trying to find out more about her life.

I really enjoyed the film, and Maier's photographs are gorgeous... here are a few....

they made me think of Francesca Woodman's photos too - possibly because Woodman also took lots of self portraits and  has an slightly sad story (she committed suicide aged 22), although the photos are quite different as well - Maier being more of a street photographer and Woodman taking photos which were much more interior and arty. Anyway, here are some of her photographs:

I love it when things link together, and so I was pretty excitd to discover that Francesca Woodman's mother is the ceramicist Betty Woodman,  whose work we have in the museum where I work.



  1. You do discover the most interesting things!

  2. I watched Finding Vivian Maier on television a couple weeks ago (I don't know when it was on, my boyfriend had recorded it). I also found it a bit sad and the hoarder/curator in me felt ill when it was mentioned that Vivian's effects (not photos) were thrown out. I would have loved to know if there was anything that provided clues to what was going through her head all those years.


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