Friday, 15 August 2014

vegan beet burgers

Beetroot burgers!!
So pretty!
I had a big bunch of beetroots in my veg box and I'm never sure what to do with beetroot.... Roasting just doesn't do it for me... + my delightful husband won't eat a roasted beet.... But he will eat any type of burger.
A little look on the internet led me too this recipe which I based my burger on....
My version was boiled beets which were then grated and mixed with squished kidney beans and white rice along with some grated and fried onion and garlic and a little mustard and lemon. I think that was everything,,,, and then I left the mixture in the fridge for a while to firm up... mixed into patties with a little flour and nutritional yeast flakes so the burgers didn't stick.
And finally fried them in a little olive oil. 
They were a hit in the lile-pastore household.
We ate them in toasted bagels with some vegan mayo.


  1. The recipe I used was very similar but has smoked paprika in it - gives them a kind of smoky cowboy twang xxx

  2. with a side order of pickled snozzcumber - obvs x


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