Sunday, 28 September 2014

At the movies

More reviews!!!
First off we saw...
The Grand Seduction
We didn't know much about this movie before going to see it, we just fancied seeing something and it was on. It's about a small harbour in Newfoundland which used to be a thriving fishing harbour but after overfishing suffers from mass unemployment.  To get a new factory and thus new jobs, the harbour has to have a doctor live there and so the locals set about trying to get a doctor to fall in love with their harbour by making it as perfect as possible -partly by pretending to love cricket and jazz.

I may not have made this sound fun, but it is! It's heaps of fun! It's utterly charming and really, really funny! It's feel good and heartwarming without being sentimental or cheesy.

You should all see this!! I'm giving it 10 out of 10 - it was perfect for our datenite.(also Taylor Kitsch who plays the doctor is pretty cute)

Bert is giving it 8 out if 10 and says: "I really liked it, it was a perfect datenite film" (aw, we said the same)

The Last Keepers

We didn't see this at the cinema, bert bought me the DVD as a payday treat. I LOVE magical movies, I  LOVE coming of age movies, and I LOVE autumn and Aiden Quinn. This movie had all of those things, and was charming and pretty and a little witchy. Perfect for fans of  Practical Magic, which as we all know, is the best movie of all time.
I give it 10 out of 10 as I was swept away by autumny cuteness.
Bert gives it 8 and says: "best seen with a wife who loves Practical Magic to be fully appreciated"

Phase IV

We went to see this one at the movies as bert is a fool for seventies sci-fi. It's a really stylish film kinda about ants taking over and stars michael murphy as a scientist trying to sort it all out while hanging out in a geodesic dome (I love geodesic domes!!). Michael Murphy was in the movie Manhattan as the guy that Diane Keaton dates.... It was bothering me throughout the film ....
I really enjoyed this even though it wasn't quite my thing and am giving it 8 out of 10. Bert loved it and is giving it 10 out of 10 - "The world of the ants was really quite beautiful and dreamy with all that eerie moog/synth music, and even though the ants are kind of the enemy here they somehow seemed quite benevolent, so you don't mind them destroying humanity as we know it."

have you seen any of these films? what did you think? what should we see next?

p.s. bert says some of these 'reviews' don't make sense - but I pretty much stick with 'first thought best thought' with this kind of stuff.....


  1. I like the look of The Last Keepers, I might have to buy that for myself! (I also love Practical Magic!)

    I'm looking forward to God Help the Girl coming out on DVD next month, it's a film based around music from the guy from Belle and Sebastian. My boy was working a night shift when it was in the little indie cinema, so we missed it :( I also want to see The Book of Life, cos it looks like it will be pretty!

    1. ah, well you'll love the last keepers!! ooo, i think i'll add god help the girl to my to watch list!

  2. Did you see Pride - we went last week and all sobbed through it. A bunch of us started uni in Aberystwyth in 1984 so it was very poignant xxx

    1. oo i didn't see pride, but it looks good! i love bill nighy


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