Tuesday, 2 September 2014

end of the road festival

hello!! we've been to End of the Road Festival this weekend, and we had such a lovely time. Lots of good music, good food, good people and sunny weather.... our music highlights were Robert Ellis, The Wytches, St Vincent, The Ghost of the Sabre Tooth Tiger, Ezra Furman and Cate Le Bon... but there were lots of other great bands too, including Flaming Lips and Steve Malkmus (who we listened too while lying in the tent).
Here are some photos from our weekend....
I really like drinking coffee outside...

bert 'ruggging up' - there was a chill in the air... but mainly sunny.

our camping buddies - peter and shelley

poncho's are essential for festivals

we drank a lot of tea....
we had one cup of green tea that i may have said was the greatest green tea i had ever had in my life.
i may have had a touch of sun.

more tea...

there are so many pretty little things to discover....

art workshop for children....

me and a straw bear

a tea bus!

in the mornings we caught up on a bit of reading....

i bought a new dress!

the big reveal....

there was a minature version of the festival.....

should we start a band, maybe this could be our cd cover

or this one?

omg. vegan pizza! with tahini! and rocket!!

our cd haul....

did you go? have you been before? have you been to another festival this year?
tell me!


  1. Can we do that punching letters out of leaves thing? I can think of a few slogans! First pic for the Cd cover deffo xxx

    1. d'yaknow? I assumed that they used a punch on the leaves, but actually it looked like they had drawn them on and then cut them all out with a knife. but the answer is yes, yes we can.

  2. Replies
    1. thank you! both second hand finds.x

  3. Tell me more about the pizza with tahini! I was wondering earlier what other uses for tahini were!

    1. hee! you can just drizzle some on before putting it in the oven. it tastes really good! or, if the tahnin is thick, you can thin it down with some olive oil. I also like tahini mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, mustard and some sweetner as a salad dressing.


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