Friday, 17 October 2014

Becky Adams

On a recent Saturday Becky Adams came to run a craft session for me at work. I met Becky a few years ago on another project and she is such a delight to work with and so sweet and friendly that I'm always trying to think of excuses to work with her again. Also her work (textile art) is totally gorgeous and magical. The workshop she ran for us this time was all about textile books, she showed us an example of her work and gave us instructions on what to do, but mainly told us to play with the different fabrics and papers she had brought.
here are some pictures of the day....
 and the two pictures below are of becky's work - one of her textile books and the other a page from her sketchbook. For more pictures of her work, visit her really cute website -
also if you are south wales based there is a craft fair on in city hall called made by hand which runs form 31st oct to 2 nov 2014. Becky will be selling her work there, along with loads of other great people! Me and bert have free tickets for the friday (thanks!) so we'll be checking it out and reporting back.

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