Saturday, 25 October 2014

chocolates for breakfast

I've just finished reading Chocolates for Breakfast by Pamela Moore.
Oddly, no one eats chocolates for breakfast in this book, but thy do have champagne, martinis, scotch and bloody marys.
This novel was originally published in 1956 when the author was almost nineteen, and it was supposed to be the American answer to Bonjour Tristesse. The book is really fun to read but has a dark undercurrent too... there is lots of drinking, dinner dates and lying by the pool and it is set both in Los Angelese and New York. 
There is a really great introduction by Emma Straub and insights and interviews at the end written by different people, including Pamela Moore's son. Pamela Moore wrote other novels - none of which are available at the moment - and was writing one when she killed herself in 1964 at the age of twentysix. 
As Emma Straub says in the introduction:
"Readers who love The Bell Jar, Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Catcher in the Rye, and The Dud Avocado will swoon."
I swooned.


  1. Well, perhaps you're meant to read it over a breakfast of chocolates! :)

  2. it's the only explanation....x

  3. I saw you were reading this on Goodreads and I was wondering if it was any good. Glad you liked it! I might give it a go at some point. Though I have many unread books to enjoy first. Including The Dud Avocado!

  4. And now I have to read this book. It's a good thing I already own a copy and now will be moved up higher on TBR pile.


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