Sunday, 5 October 2014

hey! the 70s called and asked for it's tofu back....

it's hard to make tofu look good, and I know I haven't succeeded here.
It tasted so good tho, so who cares?
This tofu was frozen and then defrosted so that it gets that really good chewy texture and then I dipped it into a marinade made of olive oil, soy sauce and maple syrup. Once it had soaked up a bit of that marinade I then drenched it in a mixture of nutritional yeast flakes, cornflour and some BBQ dust from my the vegan kind box. After that I fried it in vegetable oil. Gnhahnhenh.
I haven't done masses of interesting cooking recently.. but here are some things I've been eating....

some vegan cake and tea at Chapter
I love both of these cakes - one's chocolate and the other is strawberry.

homemade beetroot burger in a bagel with some 'creamed' corn made using fresh corn and a little soy milk.

and a delicious lunch (also from chapter) featuring lentils and butternut squash.

I am starting to think about celebratory dinners coming up... halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas day....
what to cook? 
any ideas?

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