Tuesday, 28 October 2014

pretty tofu

I love this photo of my tofu!
It's tofu that's been frozen and defrosted (for the chewy texture) and then dipped in soy sauce followed by a mix of nutritional yeast flakes, some bbq dust we had in the cupboard and a little polenta.
then it was fried.
it looks a bit like fish fingers.
ayway, it was super good.
it's also pretty much the same as the tofu I wrote about in my last food post, but y'know, cuter.


  1. That does look amazing! Cute picture too:)
    I don't make a whole lot of tofu, partly because I can never finish a pack by myself. So maybe I should start freezing it too. I did name my cat Tofu though! But I'd better not freeze him;)

  2. yes! you could cut the block in half and freeze it - it tastes really good! i love the name tofu for a cat! so cute.x


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