Friday, 28 November 2014

alain delon

I'm in the middle of being busy in work, tired, puffy eyed and getting ready for christmas.
at this busy time of year I think it's best to look at pictures of alain delon.
is there anyone more handsome than alain?
also he has a bit of an edge to him. he might be a teeny bit bad.
see? bad.
more smoking. 
very french

oh alain

a little christmas alain

and alain and a puppy!!!
happy december!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

hey strangers!

I've been busy!
I've been working, reading, sewing and crocheting.
Last week I went to Leeds for a conference on art and education and also went to the Cotswolds to see family.
we had a great sewing session in work with Lisa Porch (more about that again)
this laptop I'm using at the moment is being funny with me and won't let me upload photos... or do much at all.
we've been watching ghost hunters season nine... vampire diaries and Nora Roberts movies.
bert has started to get busy in work with christmas shoppers and Sadie has been being soft and warm and has started making little cute noises to herself because she is 10 and practically an old lady.
I hope you are all doing ok.
more soon!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

books read in october

I've read some good books this month...
I read nine books this month which takes me up to seventy books read this year... in case anyone's interested... (no? oh.)
first off was Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's 'Learned'
I really enjoyed reading this - it was easy and fun to read, but smart and interesting too.
next was Chi's Sweet Home Volume 7 by Kanata Konami
yes, so I'm on volume 7 of these little graphic novels about a kitten. I love Chi! in this one she gets sick after eating something bad. poor little chi. I've still got another 4 volumes to go.
I read another graphic novel after Chi - Death and the Girls by Donya Todd.
it was filthy and crazy and I loved it.
the next book I read isn't pictured as I borrowed it from the library... Wringer by Andrew Smith
I've read two Andrew Smith books now and enjoyed them both - he's a bit of exciting new (to me) voice in young adult fiction I reckons. one for John Green fans.
I've started reading books by Thich Hanh Nhat which are all about mindfulness. I've read two of his books this month - The Mindfulness Survival Guide and How to Eat which I enjoyed. Oprah loves Thich, so I'm all in.
The Green Man by Kingsley Amis was our reading group book this month - it's a weird little book that has a kind of uncanny pagany feel to it. I enjoyed it even tho it was unnerving...
I've already written about Chocolates for Breakfast by Pamela Moore here, so won't go on too much about it... other than to say I enjoyed it a lot - it's absolutely my kind of book.
and my last (and least favourite) book I read in October was The Reluctant Yogi: A Quirky Guide to the Practice That Can Change Your Life by Carla McKay. It does have some interesting bits in it, but was hoping for more of a memoir rather than a rehashing of the history of yoga.
So that's it.
Have you read any of these books? 
What are you reading?
I am finally getting round to reading Landlines by Rainbow Rowell, which I'll report back on at the end of the month.
Happy Reading!

made by hand

If you are in cardiff today you could pop on over to made by hand wales which is in city hall.
it's been on all weekend and today is the last day.
me and bert visited friday morning (we had free tickets - thank you!)
and really loved looking at all the beautiful things on sale. 
here are some of our favourites.

these are beautiful. I met diane when she volunteered at st fagans a couple of years ago.
she gave me one of her handmade brooches then and I recognised her work straight away.
I was in college with christian (stained glass degree) and it was lovely to see him and his gorgeous glass.
diane horne
becky adams 
her stall was so pretty.
my bear hands
we took this little robin home with us.
bert wore it yesterday... and we got a little fir tree too.
katherine lees
I would love one of these pendants.


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