Sunday, 2 November 2014

made by hand

If you are in cardiff today you could pop on over to made by hand wales which is in city hall.
it's been on all weekend and today is the last day.
me and bert visited friday morning (we had free tickets - thank you!)
and really loved looking at all the beautiful things on sale. 
here are some of our favourites.

these are beautiful. I met diane when she volunteered at st fagans a couple of years ago.
she gave me one of her handmade brooches then and I recognised her work straight away.
I was in college with christian (stained glass degree) and it was lovely to see him and his gorgeous glass.
diane horne
becky adams 
her stall was so pretty.
my bear hands
we took this little robin home with us.
bert wore it yesterday... and we got a little fir tree too.
katherine lees
I would love one of these pendants.


  1. I always love events like these! And these are some really cute things! Definitely favorited an Etsy shop after seeing this post;)

  2. Oooh I love the work you showed us made by Christian Ryan and Diane Horne! Those beakers(?) are beautiful!


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