Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Movies

We love a Christmas movie. We are big fans of the Hallmark Christmas movies which we watch without shame or irony. Here are some of our favourites....(our favourite Christmas movies, not just our favourite Hallmark Christmas movies - that would need a whole other post)

of course. Everyone likes Elf right?
I have pretty much watched Elf every year since it came out - it continues to be funny, charming, heartwarming, sweet and christmassy even with many, many viewings.
I also really love the way it looks - especially at the beginning in the North Pole with all the outfits and snowflakes.
Fred Claus
First off, lets talk about Vince Vaughn.
I really, really love Vince Vaughn and I really don't understand my feelings for him as essentially he is not my type, he seems pretty blokey, is right-wing and also in really really bad films.
Maybe 'love' is the wrong word... perhaps its more 'fascinated' by him, and by fascinated I mean I will watch every godawful film he is in because he captivates me. 
I think he might represent for me the really popular jock who wouldn't have looked twice at chubby, nerdy asthmatic sian back in school.... I may need therapy.
But Fred Claus right? gosh. this is a really good film! this is kind of in the territory as Elf, and while not as perfect as Elf it comes close enough. Also, not so many people have watched this film... lets rectify this shall we?
Vince Vaughn is Fred Claus (Santa's older brother) but he's pretty anti Christmas.... he needs cash so goes to the North Pole to work for Santa and there he does some dancing...and even helps an elf fall in love.
This film has really great actors in it! aside from the great Vince it also stars Paul Giamatti as Santa, Kevin Spacey, Rachel Weisz and Kathy Bates.

Shop Around the Corner
I have only seen this film once. Me and bert watched it in chapter a couple of years ago.
This film is from 1940 and stars James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan - two people who work in the same shop together and hate each other, but have also been falling in love through the anonymous letters they send each other.
sounds cute huh? and does it sound familiar too?
that's because it was remade into 'You've Got Mail' in 1998 starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan which is a film I LOVE, but which Bert isn't sure about, as a big corporate chain bookstore takes over the little local bookstore.
Anyway, totally charming and we need to re-watch it.
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
so... you know I said we liked watching the Hallmark Christmas movies?
or just the trashy movies that are on of an afternoon around this time of year?
this is one of them.
or so it seems. because actually it totally TRANSCENDS the afternoon movie genre!
it really does!
first off it has Henry Winkler in it which I think adds a touch of gravitas. Henry is going back to his pretty blonde niece for Christmas (she has an obnoxious boyfriend and a cute son) and on the way meets that dark-haired hottie on the cover. Winkler knows they are perfect for each other, but will they get together before the snow melts???
also it is exceptionally romantic.
Muppets Christmas Carol
of course Muppets Christmas Carol has to be on the list.
This is Bert's favourite christmas film and he gets a little teary at the end every time he watches it.
happy christmas folks!


  1. We cried at Toy Story 3 - Glyn loads more than me x

  2. Hi Sian :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I wish you very happy holidays too! And I've really enjoyed your blog, too, this year and I look forward to see all you'll do in 2015.

    Also, Elf?! Yes! Love that movie, and will watch it every single Christmas (and possibly randomly throughout the year… that hasn't happened yet (I think), but I wouldn't be surprised if I popped it into the dvd player one summer, haha).


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