Wednesday, 31 December 2014

vegan aubergine and pepper dip

Recently Bert got obsessed with a dip/sauce that he bought from a deli in Cardiff. He LOVED it!
but then, sad times, they stopped selling it.
he spend a while looking online to find a similar sauce... and managed to order some but the postage was pretty steep.
so being best wife of the year I decided to make some. 
and apparently it tastes the same! possibly it tastes better!
and wow, is it a simple dip - but it does taste really good and you can have it on it's own or in sandwiches - kinda like how you'd eat chutney.
here's what you need:

1 aubergine
2 or 3 red peppers
2 or 3 garlic cloves
olive oil
salt and pepper.

and all you need to do is chop up the veg and roast them.
when they are soft wizz them all up in a blender with olive oil and salt and pepper.
and that's it!


  1. That must be in the welsh language under 40's category - because obvs I won the award too (over 40's) xxx

  2. Clever Sian!! We buy a canned tapas type aubergine, pepper and tomato dip that I love. I am not sure it is vegan, it seems really buttery for some reason. I love how it is so rich though while not actually being, well, rich!

  3. thanks guys! we are ALL exceptional wives.

  4. I will make this when I return to the States!

  5. Oh its lovely, I found a aubergine and red pepper spread not long ago (can't remember its original name), and it was quite lovely. In fact my husband loved it. its all gone,he used it up in tortilla wraps for lunch. So have to get me some more (and try andpick you and your Bert a jar too), or the second option is to make your recipe. Happy New Year by the way.


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