Friday, 26 December 2014

winter books part one. fiction....

I love reading wintery books in winter and am hoping it will snow soon too (there's a rumour going round that it will).
I am always on the look out for christmas or winter reads, so if you know of any let me know.
One of my favourite wintery reads that isn't pictured here is by Tove Jansson (of Moomin fame) and called 'A Winter Book' - it's a collection of beautiful, slow, dreamy wintery stories - you'll love it.
It seems that everyone is reading 'My True Love Gave to Me' at the moment. I bought my niece a copy and then wanted one for myself . I've been reading it since Christmas eve and have nearly finished it. I know that the cover looks a little fluffy, but there are great stories in here. So far my favourites have been the stories by Kelly Link, Holly Black and Matt de la Pena, and am also looking forward to reading the Laini Taylor one.
I recently re-read 'Northern Lights' by Philip Pullman for reading group and I enjoyed it second time round just as much (if not more). This is a wonderful book (and the first in 'His Dark Materials' trilogy) which feels like it's a classic already. I adore the daemons and the polar bears, and half way through it gets super snowy so fits in with the festive theme.
I haven't read 'Mystery in White' by J Jefferson Farjeon yet but it looks good! 
This is bert's copy as he loves a bif of cozy crime and it's also been promoted a lot in Waterstones this year so you may have seen it.
It was written in 1937 and has been out of print for ages. It's a story about a heavy snowfall on Christmas eve that brings a train to a halt, some of the passengers take refuge in an empty house... and then there is a murder! yelp!
Rock Crystal by Adalbert Stifter is delightful. I have given this as a gift to few people and they all love it.
If you try one of these wintery books, make it this one!
It's a short book at only 76 pages and reads like a fable or a folk story.
It's about a brother and sister who go to visit their grandparents in the Alps on Christmas eve and on their way home it starts to snow heavily and the children get lost. I'm not sure when this book was written but I think it was around the 1840s or 50s as Stifter lived between 1805 and 1868 and published his first story in 1840.
This book is so beautiful and snowy and the cover is gorgeous.
So, 'Let it Snow' starts off the same as 'Mystery in White' - a huge snowfall and a stranded train, but instead of murder there is romance!
This novel consists of three interlinked stories written by three different authors and it's an utter delight. I mean, everyone loves John Green right? and we pretty much all love Maureen Johnson too... and although I'd never read any Lauren Myracle before, I enjoyed her story too.

so yep, wintery novels!
tomorrow we'll chat about wintery non-fiction, k?


  1. That was fun! I do have the Summer Book by Tove Jansson, but perhaps I should get the Winter one as well.

    Also, I love the way My True Love Gave To Me looks and am intrigued because of some of the authors, however… if there's one thing I usually don't like in YA it's insta-love or love triangles.(I don't have a problem with all romance per se, I mean, I very much loved The Fault in our Stars, but it's not something I tend to look for in books. I heard someone say something similar and that she still liked this book too though.) So I'm really glad you read this one, because I can now ask: do you think I would enjoy it? If so I think I might pick it up after all... (No pressure though, if you say yes and I end up hating it, I won't hold it against you.)

    Oh, and I'm currently re-reading the Phillip Pullman book too! And this time I hope to get to the 2nd and 3rd too.

  2. hello! there's not too much instalove and no love triangles! i think you would enjoy it (i hope!) as the stories are often about just meeting someone and the beginnings of falling in love. my favourites were the slighlty more paranormal ones by kelly link and holly black.

  3. Ok, good! Might have to pick it up then. Thanks! Also, those were exactly the two authors that made me want to pick it up in the first place, so I'm glad to hear those stories were good;)


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