Saturday, 27 December 2014

winter books part two. non-fiction

'I love snow, and all the forms
Of the radiant frost...'
how pretty are these snowy books? I love all the whites and blues.
I have always loved to read about snow, but after spending three months one winter in Quebec, I got obsessed with it. When I was in Quebec it snowed every day. gosh. 

'Snow had fallen, snow on snow
Snow on snow.'
So this one (The Idea of North by Peter Davidson) I haven't read. 
I've had it for ages and have started it a few times, and just flicking through it now I'm thinking, hmmm, this looks interesting.
So why haven't I read it? uh. it's actually a touch academic and also quite long and dense... but I will read it! i will! it looks so fascinating and is all about the north in literature and art, and as the title says, it's about the idea of north and how the north is more a goal or an idea rather than a place...
'Encyclopaedia of Snow' by Sarah Emily Miano isn't really an encyclopaedia of snow... it's actually a novel. which I realise should therefore have been on yesterdays list but at that time I forgot that this book was a novel. huh. it's an experimental novel with lots of quotes in it, such as 
'It is winter here and I am inside with the tulips' - Sylvia Plath. 

'The Snow Tourist' by Charlie English is more like an encylopedia of snow! in it, English goes looking for snow around the world and writes fascinating stuff about it. 
It also has a lovely section in it called a 'snow handbook' where the author writes about how snow is made, different types of snow flakes, a list of snowy books and snowy movies and how to build an igloo. 
I read this a while ago, but looking at it now makes me want to re-read it!
Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez is a classic. Read any book on snow and Arctic Dreams will be listed in the bibliography.
It's a mixture of travel and and history, and is really remarkable. It covers the history of the Inuit and of explorers and also looks at natural history, landscape and imagination. wonderful stuff.
now I want to re-read this too!
any suggestions for non-fiction (or fiction) winter/snow books?

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  1. I love snow, too, but it never occurred to me to read about snow since most of the time I live where there is lots of snow! "The Snow Tourist" looks intriguing.
    Have you read the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy by Sigrid Undset? They were written in the 1920s and are set in 14th c. Norway. I seem to recall snow featuring in the stories. I read them in college, when I used to traipse across my college campus in 2 feet of snow, picturing myself as Kristin Lavransdatter in my hooded cape and knee-high Timberland boots (it was the end of the 1970s).


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