Sunday, 11 January 2015

blogs and blogging....

I hestitate to call this a blog 're-design'... but I have moved some stuff around.
I have removed lots of blogs from my blog list on the side bar - mostly because the blogs hadn't been updated in a while... 
If you have a new blog, can you let me know?
What blogs should I follow?
What blogs are you liking?
please tell me! 
also, excitingly, the lovely bert has started a blog - it's going to be about books and music in the main I think, but other things too of course! go say hi!
I think it was the fact that bert's blog was looking so pretty that I thought I should do a bit of work on mine....


  1. We don't know each other in real life, but I read your blog. Mine is at (or I am shamelessly plugging it now, but you asked for that!

    1. i did ask!! i want to find new blogs! thanks for your comment... i'm popping over to your blog RIGHT NOW!xxx

  2. Its a very fresh look, liking it. I will check out Berts blog and who knows may become a regular reader, he does cook after all :) Going on over to say Hi.

  3. Nice and clean looking your blog non-re-design is. I love the trippy designs on Bert's blog. (Gosh, I need to re-design my blog)


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