Sunday, 11 January 2015

instagram catch up....

how cute does sadie look here??

shelley sent me this gorgeous
 limited edition sonny angel!
books I've been reading...
haven't finished this yet

oh gosh, rebel belle was totally fun
looking forward to the next book in
the series!
Little sonny angel in a dome...

this book was good, not great
but good.
it's written by the singer from
The Mountain Goats.
Love, love, love this picture.
a girl did it in one of my workshops
it's based on a Sisley painting of cliffs

a christmas cd
Dirty Three!
argh. so good
My mum gave us this cushion.
it's a delight.

Bert not wanting his photo taken....
This picture is also from the workshop
based on a Cezanne

I insist on a filter on all photos of me
Lana Del Rey is the greatest
that is a fact
sweet picture from the workshop
first we talk about the Impressionists....
then we draw pics....

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