Saturday, 31 January 2015

Manuary - reading men in january

 Hello! So these are the books I read in Manuary - which is the celebration of only reading male authors in January. We decided on Manuary this year as I naturally just read the ladies, and this year me and bert are trying to read out of our comfort zone. In 2015 we are going to be reading HARDER! 

Anyway, here's what went down in Manuary:

I started the month with You Get So Alone by Charles Bukowski  which was super manly and also turned out to be great. If you have watched the movie Beautiful Creatures you may recognise the Bukowski....(and maybe you should watch that movie - it's a mixture of being perfect and then jumping the shark). 
Next up was Woodsman by Ben Law which was poop. I like a woodsy nature book as much as the next person (in fact more) but I don't think Ben is much of a writer and he had some dubious ideas about education and stuff. Was glad to finish it.

Then it was the turn of Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle. Darnielle is the singer from Mountain Goats whom I love... and the writing here was (as expected) spot on. Shame a bit about the structure and the plot though. I would still recommend this as even though it didn't quite  work it has stayed with me. 
Then I read Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon which was great. 
Dan Chaon does some sublime writing here and structurally and plottily he is really top notch. This novel was page turnery, literary, surprising and complex - I have no idea why it has taken me so long to read it (it's been on my bookshelf since 2009). After I finished this I started about four other books and gave up on them all.... I had to admit to myself that I had a book hangover... so I waited for it to pass by reading The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews which is a teen book that had had super good reviews on goodreads. There was a whole pile of funny stuff in this teen book and I laughed out loud quite a bit, but it wasn't great overall.

So that was Manuary. What did you read this month? have you read any of these books? are you going to read more out of your comfort zone this year? read more diversely? to read harder?

And if you want to know what bert read in Manuary - take a look right here

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