Saturday, 10 January 2015

seitan bourguignon

seitan bourguignon guys!
like beef bourguignon!  But Seitan!
I have never eaten beef bourguignon... 
but this happened:
I am having a dry january* but we needed wine for pasta sauce so I went and bought a bottle. We only used a little so it meant that we had almost a full bottle of wine left over. what to cook? what to cook?
luckily, I have watched the movie Julie and Julia about half a million times, and luckily I had just watched it and remembered the beef bourguignon... how she first makes it and burns it and then makes it again and its delicious.
I remembered all this while in the relaxation part in a yoga class.
So we bought seitan and I looked online for some recipes and there's a whole 'thing' where people are veganising Julia Child recipes! uh-huh!

anyway, this is how we made it.
I fried the seitan in olive oil until browned and then put aside.
Next I fried 3 siced carrots and two finely chopped onions. 
after they'd cooked a little while I added 3 chopped garlic cloves and added the sietan back in.
after that I mixed in 2 tablespoons of flour and some nutrional yeast flakes and stirred them in and put it in a heated oven for about five minutes.
After that, I returned it to the heat and added  about 3/4 bottle of red wine, some dried mixed herbs and a tablespoon of tomato puree.
Then it just goes in the oven to cook for about an hour.
you might need to check it every now and again and add some water.

it was good.
it was pretty rich. I was worried it would taste of wine, but it didn't, it just tasted of awesome.
we had it with bread, but I fancy it would be good with mash and peas.

*I had wine


  1. That looks amazing, nice and hearty too for the cold weather!

  2. I love vegan bourguinon and this looks lovely, my version has mushrooms not seitan. I like seitan but resort to making my own as I have never found it in jars in Wales, did so when I lived in Scotland. do yo mind if I ask where you got yours? I have the movie Julie and Julia, its one of those movies I watch to give me a lift in life, when I am feeling down. Happy New Year to you Sian and Yours, inc. Sadie the cat :)

    1. Happy new year to you too shaheen! It was from beanfreaks in cardiff. Are you still Newport based?

    2. Thanks Sian,

      No, moved out almost a year ago when the business venture ended. Now living in the deep Welsh valleys, but I do frequent Cardiff quite a bit - both for work and for pleasure.


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