Thursday, 8 January 2015

vegan burgers - how i cracked the code

these are burgers before going in the oven.
I baked these ones rather than fried them... 
here they are cooked! we had them with sweet potato and puy lentils.
so vegan burgers. 
and cracking the code.
this isn't a recipe for burgers, rather it's a formula... the way to make burgers so they work every time and also stay together (which can be a challenge for vegan burgers).
here is what i've found works best... (but let me know if you have any vegan burger tips!)

you need a grain - rice or quinoa
you need a bean - any kind - chick pea, kidney bean, butter bean, black bean....
and then veg - onion and carrot, or sweet potato or maybe beets - and rather than chopping them, grate them or mash them - it really does help!
then some flavouring - some chilli perhaps? or fresh ginger? or maybe some fresh herbs?

also, let it rest before shaping into patties - you probably won't need flour, but you could add a bit at the end (or some nutritional yeast flakes) just to roll them in.
fry or bake!


  1. Yum. I make burger patties/fritters with roughly mashed chickpeas, steamed spinach and mashed pumpkin. But then I blow it by adding haloumi and using egg white a binding agent ;-). Though they do hold their shape pretty well without too!

  2. Looks like all of your burger experimenting has paid off. Thanks for sharing your formula. And I'm glad to know that baking instead of frying works.


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