Saturday, 7 February 2015

bedside table books

Hey there!
yesterday (friday) me and bert both had a day off.
I went to yoga in the morning to give him some 'rockford' space (where he can lie on the sofa and watch 70s dramas). I also did an online shop from Waitrose purely so I could buy the Almond Dream vegan ice cream.... It's really good.
Bert suggested we refresh/tidy our bedside tables/to be read piles.. so that's what we did. 
they are now so neat! these books are what I'm planning to read next - let me know if you've read any of them.
And here's Bert's bedside table pile.
He is going to be reading that new Daniel Handler you can see there next. It's about pirates in San Francisco.
happy weekend.
I'm going to an ayurveda course tomorrow. I'll report back.

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