Tuesday, 17 March 2015


this is kitcheree guys! 
or kitchari - depends how you wanna spell it.
it's hard to take a photo that doesn't look gross.
Kitcheree is so great... 
I learnt about it on my ayurveda course. 
quick ayurveda info - there are three doshas (sort of like a body type) - Pitta, Kapha and Vatta (you can find out which one you are here).
each dosha responds differently to different foods, so there are some foods that some people should avoid because they have difficulty digesting them. 
but kitcheree is something that everyone can eat.
all the doshas are welcome to a kitcheree party!
there are lots of recipes out there so have a little hunt around... but heres how I made mine.

fry onion until soft then add grated fresh ginger and 2 grated or sliced garlic cloves
add some chopped sweet potato.....
next mix in  some spices - turmeric and cumin, or anything else like that.
then pour in a cup of mung beans (I soaked them over night) and a cup of rice.
add water to cover and then cook until its all soft.
it's up to you how wet or dry you make it. you can make it quite a dry rice or a more soupy dish if you'd rather.
oo forgot that I also added a little coconut milk at the end.

that's it! 
its really good - like a soft risotto. it's quite plain but makes you feel good.
have you made it?
what do you add to it?
hope you are all well.

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