Wednesday, 22 April 2015


hello! lets talk about baked beans! Do you like them? do you eat the canned ones? I rarely do, but Bert is crazy about them and we were both interested in making our own version. I was looking through the Deliciously Ella book which I got from the library and she had a recipe for them which looked pretty good. So we made them and bert had them on toast and I ate them with roasted cauliflower and rice. They don't really taste like the canned beans, they taste more like a tomatoey bean dish you may get in Italy or Greece - and that's not a bad thing! They taste fresh and healthy! I pretty much followed the recipe that Ella gave, but if I made them again I think I'd change them a bit - maybe not quite so much tomato puree or garlic... they WERE good tho - you should try them. 
Here's the recipe:
Cook two tins of chopped tomatoes with 2 cloves of crushed garlic and 2 tablespoons of date syrup (I used coconut sugar and a bit of agave syrup) for about 30 minutes. Then add 1 tube of tomato puree and two cans of haricot beans (I used cannellini beans). Cook for another ten minutes until everything is heated through and season with salt and pepper. 
That's it! simple huh? I'd be interested in ay other recipes you may have for baked beans - let me know. 

 oh, and these two pictures? the first is hot water with fresh ginger and lemon which Bert loves drinking. and the other is scrambled tofu with chili and spinach and avocado which I ate for breakfast with my yoga friend Laura at Waterloo Tea.


  1. Oh yes, I love home made baked beans, The recipe I found starts right from scratch - soaking the beans and then everything goes into a casserole in the oven to be baked! Hence the name!
    Not the slightest resemblance to bought ones but I agree, this is not a bad thing.
    When we stopped over in Korea en route to the UK, the hotel's breakfast buffet had a covered dish labelled baked beans. but under the cover were green beans that had been roasted! Everyone came to take photos which upset the chef hehe.


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