Sunday, 11 October 2015


how have you all been?
I have been too busy to blog... what with work and yoga classes and teaching yoga and festivals and watching movies and cooking food...
this picture is our lovely tent in End of the Road festival. We had such a great time there and saw some amazing bands (including Sufjan Stevens - wah). i'll share some more pictures soon. I love a picture of an inside of a tent! cosy.
here's the lovely studio I teach yoga at. I have a regular class on a sunday morning at 10am if you are cardiff based and want to hang out with me and do yoga! It's such a pretty studio!
over the summer we went to see a Richard Long exhibition in Bristol. Here I am in front of one of his pieces.

and here's my favourite boy looking dapper and handsome with stripy trousers and a mustache. 
His beard has grown back now it's autumn.

We are excited now it's october - reading, staying in, eating stews...
I hope you are all enjoying life too.


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