Wednesday, 4 November 2015


 hello everyone! here are some photos from my life recently. above is a tea party we hosted at the museum for Contact the Elderly.
 this was at an art college i went and did a little talk at.
 teaching yoga! this was a class i covered at a church hall. cute.
 making bunting at a hen party in work.
 eating kale
 crocheting blankets
 reading books. this is what i read in september i think!
 me and bert went to see the Lemonheads! oh gosh! it was fun.
 it's getting cold. everyone needs soup! i made this for halloween.
 and i think this is what i read in august....
 books read in november...... autumn is the best time for reading.
and i love this picture of me and bert drinking green tea in a festival.
how are you all? miss you.x


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