Wednesday, 22 June 2016

sorry - I can't remember where this picture was from... I was just looking for something sweet and this was saved to my computer.
things have been a bit weird recently haven't they? the orlando shootings broke my heart and there has been lots of horrible news stuff around. Sometimes I find these things overwhelming.... and it's good to think about how change starts with yourself... you can't change other people, but you can try and be the bestest and kindest you can be.

Always there are nice things too - I am off to the Festival of Stuff on Saturday! maybe i'll even blog about it after! also bert is on instagram! here! his user name is bertpastore. You can follow him for pictures of books he's reading, pictures of Sadie and also his mustache. We are only reading good books this year! I'll share what we've been reading soon! We've also been watching studio Ghibli films - loved 'when marnie was there'.
I am out of touch with blogging... but i'll pop in now and again!
hope all is well.


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