Miss Sadie Cat

This is Sadie. She is a little black cat (the runt of the litter) and she is an indoor cat. She hasn't always been an indoor cat but because of moving around a little bit too often she has become one. Sadie is pretty happy staying indoors and likes looking out of the window, sitting on the window sill, sitting in sunbeams and sleeping in her box. She also likes treats and getting up early. One of the most annoying things (and yet adorable) she does is wake up early and try and wake us up by making kitty noises and pushing things off our bedside tables. Sadie likes Bruce Springsteen, rubbing her face against books, catnip, neck scratches, head kisses, drinking water from the bath or sink, treats (dreamies), chicken and biscuits - even though we are vegan she refuses to be.

Sadie does not like visitors, other cats, aluminium foil or pilchards.

She 'belonged' to Bert originally, but now she lives with us both in her furever home!  We love her very much and think everything she does is cute.x


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